Structural Dissociation Therapy Tools

I have found structural dissociation to be complex at times when explaining it to my clients and sometimes professionals with whom I interact. So I created a visual representation to help begin a conversation about parts of self and healing. Structural dissociation presents a framework to help me understand where someone is coming from and a potential explanation of how and why the individual behaves in a particular way.

The two resources below will help you explain the theory of structural dissociation to your clients, their families, and colleagues who might have a difficult time understanding parts of personality.

Here are examples of the ways you might consider using the Structural Dissociation Model as a visual within your clinical work.

Step 1: Print off several copies of the ANP (Apparently Normal Self)

Step 2: Print off at least one set of EP (Emotional Parts)

Step 3: Cut out each shape and laminate them.

Have fun creating these and share your story of how you used them in your clinical work. I have attached magnets to these.

If you are interested in collaborating and creating translations, please contact Michael via email.

Tell us what you think....

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