Fraser’s Dissociative Table

I created this reference tool for use in Fraser’s Table. The outline and troubleshooting guide is based in part on the work of George A. Fraser & Kathleen M. Martin. In my work I found it helpful to have these resources together in one document with guidance on stuck points in the process.

The following worksheet are based on articles about Fraser’s Dissociative Table Technique originally published in 1991. I adapted the form to use in my practice. Please feel free to share this with others who integrate Fraser’s Table into their clinical work.

The first form is for documentation of order of parts that enter the room. The second worksheet is a quick reference guide that lists age, sex, gender, conflict and other pertinent details for use at a later point when providing parts work during processing.

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  1. Hello. Just checked out Fraser’s Dissociative Table & Meeting Place and liked it. Thus, I printed it and am more closely examining it. Thank you, Eric B

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