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Michael J. Gargano is available for hire to assist agencies in growing and expanding their clinical services, developing innovative treatment programs, integrating evidence-based practices, and fostering a culture of change and creativity.

His passion is helping organizations find creative and proven solutions to grow within a trauma-informed, client-centered, evidence-based approach that meets the unique and diverse needs of your agency’s client base and staffing. His mission is to deliver services to your organization that allow your staff to work smarter and more efficiently with less staff burnout rates and higher client satisfaction outcomes.

Areas of expertise include:

Program Development: 

Case management, Counseling Services, Family-based programs, Inpatient (Mental Health or Substance Abuse), Outpatient, Detoxification Services, Residential Treatment Programs.

Areas within program development may include: 

Mission statement and values, Program model, Treatment philosophy, Treatment curriculum development, policies and procedures

Staff Retention: 

Looking for ways to create a culture that reduces high staff turnover. Let’s work as a team to find real-time solutions.

Staff Education: 

Passionate clinical educator who seeks to translate complex clinical language into easy to understand terms and tools.

Increasing client success and post-treatment outcomes:

 Value-based payments and the changing landscape of behavioral health services offered across the country are moving in a direction to address the question, “How is this therapy helping the client?” In working together, we can identify outcome measures and metrics to answer these difficult questions posed by insurance companies, employers, and stakeholders.

Program analysis: 

Good client care starts with comprehensive history taking and evaluation before the change process can occur. Similarly, developing successful clinical programs are pivotal for agencies seeking to create growth-orienting opportunities. Collaborating to identify the strengths and weakness within each program with the overarching goal to create workflow processes that allow staff to work with increase sense of purposefulness, efficiency, and holistically.

Grant writing: 

Experienced grant writer with attention to details.

To inquire or hire Michael for any of the aforementioned services please email In your email please include a brief description of the project, time requirements, other pertinent details, and the preferred contact information.

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