Expressive Arts

Art is a deeply expressive psycho-spiritual and cathartic practice. The personal nature of artistic expression sheds light into facets of life where words may not adequately express emotions, thoughts, feelings impulses, or behaviors. Human language is finite. I do not believe everything we experience can be described in tangible terms. My artistic pursuits present a channel which births my inner and outer world experiences.

The poetry, photographs, acrylic painting, and other mixed methods employed here tell a story of the inner workings and journey of a life in recovery. Each piece evokes awe, mystery, connectedness and meaning making of the world I inhabit. Mindfulness and gratitude ground my expressive arts practice. I strive to live what Jon Kabat-Zinn described as “the full catastrophe living”. Working through hardship, pain, and suffering allows me to feel true joy, gratitude, love, peace, connection, sense of purpose, meaning, and inspiration.

Psychotherapy and counseling are rooted in creativity. Within my clinical practice art is often a springboard for clients to find their inner wisdom and healing power.

Unless noted otherwise all works are original creations by Michael J. Gargano.

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