Are you listening to your emotions? Let’s ask your body….

Lately I have been spending time both personally and professional talking about the power of emotions and the body. Emotions are central to the human experience. We are born to feel. From anger to ecstasy human beings experience the gamut of emotions. Take a newborn, for example, whose caretaker removed the bottle mid-feeding. Anger ensues within … Read moreAre you listening to your emotions? Let’s ask your body….

The Importance of Therapist Self-Care

Please read my latest post on self-care for clinicians

Self-care (SC) is the most abundant message proclaimed by therapists to clients within the therapeutic hour. The idea behind caring for one’s self is that no one can alleviate our stress, create a balanced life, or work within our emotions, beliefs, and values but ourselves. SC highlights the importance of choices that we each make on a daily. Therapists sometimes forget they too need to practice what they preach. SC is as much for us as it is for the people we counsel. Providing therapeutic services without grounding in healthy SC can take its toll on the professional.

Ask not what others can do for you…But what you can do for yourself!

Former US President John F. Kennedy once asked his country men and women “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” At this point in United States history the great American President sought to entice people to give of themselves for the betterment of a society and … Read moreAsk not what others can do for you…But what you can do for yourself!

Keynote Address to Steuben County Drug Court

Today I had the privilege and honor to be the invited keynote speaker at the Steuben County Drug Court graduation ceremony. Often in the addictions world and in society we see the negatives regarding addiction and recovery. Today reminded me of the goodness within each human being. Addiction has the power to rob someone of everything; Mind, body, and soul. Recovery and hard work makes living a life of purpose possible. To read the speech click to open.

Remember recovery is possible! People do recover.

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Getting the most out of counseling

Thanks for joining us. The first in a long-series of blog posts centers around issues presented within psychotherapy. Namely, suggestions to get the most out of psychotherapy. I’ve been a practicing therapist for almost seven years and what follows are observations backed by research studies on the subject. Have you been in therapy for a while and are feeling stuck? Are you asking yourself, “What am I doing here?”. Therapy is a time for personal exploration and transformation. Sitting in the chair or couch does not make one crazy. Contemporary culture or our sociocultural upbringings have hidden rules against going to therapy. If you have decided to take part in some type of therapy, this article has potential to help to you.

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